Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use light wavelengths that deeply penetrate the skin, heating the body up from the inside. The average infrared sauna heats to about 60 degrees C. When you’re in one it doesn’t feel as hot as a non-infrared sauna, making it more comfortable to be in. However, don’t let that fool you – because all of the work is happening on our insides, leading to an active sweat that has a multitude of health benefits. Monaco 6-person with ultra low EMF FAR infrared sauna heaters. 

1. Saunas improve cardiovascular performance.
2. Saunas aid in recovery after intense physical activity. Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.
3. Saunas Flush Toxins
4. Saunas Relieve Stress
5. Saunas Can Induce a Deeper Sleep
6. Saunas Can Help Fight Illness
7. Sauna Cleanses The Skin
8. Saunas Burn Calories
9. Saunas Bring Out Recreational and Social Benefits
10. Saunas Just Feel Good

Unlimited monthly is $30 and includes Spin access or $10 per drop in.