When I moved to Edmonton, I decided that I wanted to focus on my mental, and physical, well being. I did not know very many people in Edmonton, so when I started to look for a personal trainer, Brittney was one of the names that I came across. I have been training with Brittney one day a week, for almost a year now. I am always amazed that each work out is different, and always challenging. I have yet to wake up the next day, and not be sore. My body has transformed to where I want it to be, and each week I look forward to our session. But more importantly, Brittney is a person that actually cares about your well being, and wants to bring out the best in her clients. Though she started out as a stranger, and as my trainer; she is a person that I can now call a friend. She is very genuine, and up to date on all things fitness, and nutrition. She can train you to get beach ready, to stepping on the stage for a fitness competition; and for myself, was able to train me to be my physical best for everyday life.

During the summer, I had the opportunity to bring my best friend from Vietnam to train with Brittney for her wedding. And Brittney was very accommodating on the short notice, and met all of my friends fitness restrictions. I was also able to bring my mother to train with Brittney. My mom was very hesitant to come, as she is approaching 57 years old, and has bad knees; and has never had good experiences with trainers, making my mom very self conscience. However, as soon as my mother and I walked through the doors, all of the anxiety had left for my mom. Brittney’s calming and friendly attitude made my mom feel comfortable, and Brittney taking the time to see what restrictions my mother had in fitness allowed my mom to know that Brittney actually cared. We did a group workout, and it met both of our needs.

As a 31 year old, female teacher, and writing my masters, sometimes it is hard to have a consistent time slot to train. Brittney has been nothing but amazing to accommodate my needs, to ensure that I will always get my workout in.

I would highly recommend Brittney to anyone! I have played varsity soccer, and have competed in fitness competitions; and she is one of the best trainers that I have ever worked with. Her positive and encouraging attitude, always gets me through my workouts, and puts me in a good mood. Her new fitness equipment always adds an element to fun to each workout, and makes the workouts individualistic, because this gym equipment is not standard at most gyms.

Even though I live in Edmonton, this quick drive out to Nisku is well worth it. I cannot say enough great things about Brittney, and encourage everyone to try a class with her.

Roxy Solmonson