Luxe Fitness

Luxe Fitness is a gym equipped with high-quality fitness gear, a private spinning room, inferred sauna and tanning.

Join us for private training or group fitness classes; strength, circuit training, HIIT and core to name a few types Luxe offers. Luxe is also available for gym access to anyone that want to do their own workouts.

Need healthy snacks and supplements? We offer a broad selection of products for health-conscious consumers!

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When I moved to Edmonton, I decided that I wanted to focus on my mental, and physical, well being. I did not know very many people in Edmonton, so when I started to look for a personal trainer, Brittney was one of the names that I came across. I have been training with Brittney one day a week, for almost a year now. I am always amazed that each work out is different, and always challenging. I have yet to wake up the next day, and not be sore. My body has transformed to where I want it to be, and each week I look forward to our session. But more importantly, Brittney is a person that actually cares about your well being, and wants to bring out the best in her clients. Though she started out as a stranger, and as my trainer; she is a person that I can now call a friend. She is very genuine, and up to date on all things fitness, and nutrition. She can train you to get beach ready, to stepping on the stage for a fitness competition; and for myself, was able to train me to be my physical best for everyday life.


I joined Luxe Fitness near the beginning of 2018 and it was the best decision I ever made in regards to my health and fitness. I’ve never been good at the standard gyms because I really wasnt sure how to use the equipment and I couldnt afford a personal trainer, I found I wasted alot of time thinking about what to do and I was doing things wrong. At Luxe all I have to do is show up, the amazing trainers plan out every group class and show you exactly what you are doing before the class starts, they are there during the entire work out to correct and push you to be your best. The classes offered work every single part of your body!! My body has transformed in a way I never could have imagined, thank you to all the trainers at Luxe for encouraging me to do more and for showing me what I am capable of achieving! 
Kaila Ross@sistersdolife