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Group Fitness

Each of our classes starts with a comprehensive run through of the exercises, proper form and explanation of the target muscles. After the trainer lead warm-up, members move to the strength, cardio and functional skill work portion of the day, which works to develop your strength and endurance with weights(free and Equipment based), bodyweight strength, functional tools and cardio machines. A typical class will be a combination of functional fitness movements, high-intensity interval training, standard lifting and accessory moves. To get a more in depth look at each class please refer to the schedule.

Open Gym

If you are looking to do self guided workouts or a customized program provided by one of our certified trainers, Luxe also offers access to the entire space to be used outside of class times. With state-of-the-art equipment that is very well maintained, you will have no problem finding all the equipment to achieve any of your fitness goals. Ranging from high-tech cardio equipment, power racks and leg press machines, cables machines, and free weights up to 110lb barbells and 90lb dumbbells, to name a few things. As a bonus to all group members the open gym access is included in the membership.

Lifestyle & Coaching

We believe that fitness is more than just coming into the gym to run on the treadmill or just lifting weights until you are sore. With our team of certified trainers and nutritionists, we strive to provide all members with access to a holistic approach to health. Our gym promotes balance and sustainable lifestyle choices to help our clients maintain long term changes. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach as everyone has different factors impacting their journey. We also believe in recovery which is why we also promote the use of infrared sauna, In-Trinity stretching boards, and a dose of vitamin-D with our premium stand-up tanning bed.